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Laravel Forge - Global Recipes & the FastCGI Nginx Update


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Yesterday I updated all of my packages on a Forge server (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade) and I ended up with a white screen on all of my sites. I quickly found that it was PHP not serving correctly (MySQL and Nginx were both working fine), and after sending a help request to Taylor I learned that it's due to a breaking change in Nginx.

Thankfully, there's a quick fix to that, and even better, Taylor has now introduced Global Forge Recipes (tweet) to make fixes like this much simpler.

What are global recipes?

Forge has always had Recipes, which allow you to save shell scripts that you'd like to apply frequently or across all of your machines. But now, below the "Your Recipes" section, there's a "Forge Recipes" section, which are official recipes provided by Taylor.

Forge Global Recipes

The first such recipe is "Update Nginx FastCGI Parameters", which addresses the issue I mentioned above.

How and why?

To run a recipe, just click the green arrow next to it, choose which server you want to run it on, and click "Run." Once the recipe has completed, Forge will email you a Recipe Report. You can also click the i (info) button to read a description of the recipe and its actual contents.

Forge Recipe Report

This particular recipe either fixes your server (if you had the same error I did) or prepares your server so it will never break in the future. As such, I'd recommend running it on all of your Forge-managed servers.


Forge's Official Recipes provide Forge users with formal, official recipes that are written and vetted by Taylor, and an easy mechanism to deploy them on single servers or all servers. I'd recommend running "Update Nginx FastCGI Parameters" on all of your servers today.

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