Hey, I'm Matt Stauffer, partner & technical director at Tighten.
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Tighten is a consultancy that partners deeply with businesses and non-profits of every kind and we're looking for new clients to partner with—hit us up today.

I also run Symposium, Karani for Fundraisers, FieldGoal, Giscus, Gistlog, and Confomo together with the other lovely folks at Tighten.

I host the Five-Minute Geek Show and co-host The Laravel Podcast.

I love to talk and blog about development, how to do your best work, how to treat other people well and how to do good in general—regardless of what it is you do. When we're talking coding, I specialize in Laravel and PHP, responsive design, and JavaScript and CSS/Sass/LESS. I'm also addicted to Rapid Application Development and helping people get their ideas off the ground quickly.

I also speak at conferences, and would love to speak at yours. Check out some of my previous talks.

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