Feb 9, 2016 | statamic, tighten

An introduction to Statamic v2 beta, a Laravel-based flat-file CMS

Warning: This post is over a year old. I don't always update old posts with new information, so some of this information may be out of date.

After many weeks of preparation, we finally launched the long-awaited Tighten blog last week. It's been such a pleasure getting to have my hands on literally every line of code that we've written here, and to collaborate together with the fine developers at Tighten on an internal project.

We launched the blog on the v2 beta of Statamic, a flat-filed based CMS that's built on Laravel. My first post on the blog is a writeup of how our first few weeks of working with Statamic v2 beta has been.

Many folks who love programming in Laravel have found themselves needing to build simpler web sites, powered by data edited by backend administrative components that are similar across projects. They see the similarities between this and CMSes and therefore want to build a Laravel-based CMS.
... [Statamic's developers] know how to make content management systems. They understand the constraints and structures and flows and interactions. [...] With Statamic, we have that knowledge paired with Laravel. This is A Good Thing™.

Interested in a Laravel-based CMS? Check out the writeup: Statamic v2 Beta: First Impressions of a new Laravel-based Flat-file CMS

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