Hey, I'm Matt Stauffer, partner at Tighten.
I'm a programmer, but I spend most of my time helping humans be caring and empathetic toward other humans, in tech and in business.
I host Things Worth Learning, a podcast where I ask fascinating people to teach us about their passions; The Laravel Podcast, the official podcast for the Laravel programming framework; and you can find much of my other work on my YouTube channel.
I teach about how to treat other people and yourself with empathy, how to run an empathetic and equitable business, how to do your best work, and how to just do good in general. Lately most of this has been in my newsletter, but you can also find a list of my guest appearances on podcasts here.
I speak at conferences & on podcasts and would love to speak at yours. Check out some of my previous talks and some of my previous podcast guest spots, and if you're interested, hit me up: matt@tighten.co.


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